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Supply chain management

Businesses are recognising the supply chain has a crucial role to play in delivering business strategy; often the last to know, supply chain managers frequently fire fight to meet demands of customers and reacting to crisis. Our belief is supply chain management should be discussed in the board room equally as much as finance and operations.

Interim Solution – Saving Time & Money

Interim managers have made a choice to work as interims; they enjoy the challenges of meeting a new crisis head on; being external they bring a depth of knowledge built from their experiences and quickly gain control. They arrive like ‘Mary Poppins’ in a storm and leave before the dust settles and order is restored.

Sales and operations planning

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP); is a decision making process acting on a single set of numbers. It is still growing in popularity and being adopted by wide sections of industry. It applies to any organization where there is a need to align supply to meet demand. Often S&OP is the main ‘umbrella’ process for change projects.

Why choose ISPM change consultants

‘One size doesn’t fit all’ as such we at ISPM believe we can provide a unique tailor made solution to support resolving your supply chain management problems. Building on our range of experience, we operate across a wide section of industry including pharmaceuticals, biological and FMCG in both private & public sectors.

ISPM UK Ltd provides strategic thinking, operational and change leadership for Operations and Supply Chain Management across a number of industry sectors including Pharmaceuticals, Biological, Fine Chemicals, Food Manufacturing and FMCG in both private & public sectors