Interim Consultancy Services

Why choose an Interim?

Interims Managers are like ‘Mary Poppins’ – they come into a situation during a storm (when things go wrong or an urgent need arises) when they leave no one notices they’ve gone (because order has been restored or the crisis averted)

Benefits of Interims – Interim Managers are highly skilled (often over skilled) for the role. They arrive ‘ready to go’ bringing their experiences with them. They normally require little training and being Interim they are employed for a fixed term so no sick pay, pension or redundancy costs are involved. Being Independent means they don’t bring the baggage from previous lives, they are not politically attached to anyone or anything – although they are politically aware!

There are an increasingly high number of people who offer themselves as interims, but are not true interims – rather they are looking for a permanent role but willing to take on the interim role until something better comes along.

ISPM and its associates provide managers, skilled to high levels, who take on specific roles such as managing transformation projects, business reengineering, strategy development, feasibility studies, moving premises, mergers etc. We work across many industry sectors principally in supply chain or manufacturing situations. Our experience includes fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biologicals and FMCG

Examples of completed Interim Management projects include;

Improvement to planning and control processes for a FMCG company

Acting as Supply Chain Director for a biologics manufacturer

Project Management of an ERP implementation for a Pharmaceuticals manufacturer

The Interim Service provided can be for a few weeks up to several months; being a professional interim means the contract can be managed to suit the project and will be completed before moving on to the next one.