Independent Supply Chain Consultant.

Choosing an Independent Supply Chain Consultant

Growing and developing internal talent in any organisation is to be admired and encouraged. Many of the best leaders have grown up through businesses they weren’t just placed into that role. The learning experiences will be there to support the leadership teams to achieve many of the business objectives.
However, they may well have stayed with the same business for many years, never seen the same problems from different angles or seen change impact from another person’s eyes.
That’s where the support of an independent supply chain consultant is key. Having been independent and operating as a freelance the supply chain consultant will have seen many problems and also seen some of the same problems but with a different approach.
The consultant will bring a set of tools and experiences with him / her that can be applied in support of the change journey or transformation needed. They will have taken time to understand where the new trends are moving to and have skills in collaborating both within the organisation, managing stakeholders but also establishing and nurturing relationships external to get all parts aligned.
With a background in business as a senior leader and experiences across multiple business sectors and different countries, we at ISPM can bring the coaching skills needed to help and support your transformation.
By being a freelance and independent we are not constrained by a single thinking or model, we are able to apply the right tools to your business and help you grow and transform without having to work to a standard “one size fits all” approach.