Supply Chain Transformation.

Supply Chain Transformation

Many businesses will have “evolved” over time adopting new processes on a piecemeal approach. IT systems and operating tools will have had updates, manual workarounds and offline procedures added. Training for people will have changed in part to adopt the new processes or some parts added to reflect new regulatory requirements. In many cases, the systems will no longer be recognisable to the original deployment.
The result of this evolution will be confusion over what processes to be followed or ignored. When it gets to this stage then what is needed is to take stock of the ‘as is’ situation, contrast to where the business needs to get to, reflect the overall strategy and look at adopting what is best practice or next-generation best practice.
To be successful in any change journey a programme of work is required; this is broken down into a series of projects and crosses over many workstreams. It requires the ability to keep an eye on multiple projects and managing the interdependencies.
Included in this will be a need to understand and question the value of the changes suggested. This process is the start of the supply chain transformation journey. Having an external person to support and coach the process is vital to avoid a situation where you set out to transform but keep most of what you have but just give it a new wrapper – no transformation achieved!
At ISPM we have been involved with a number of highly successful transformation projects, we keep focussed on understanding new best practices and we have a strong background in business to stay focussed on delivering what’s right for the business and not just the latest gimmick.
Call us to find out how we could support your transformation journey; we can lead the overall journey, manage a workstream or coach the team through the complexities of the change journey.