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IBP – keeping it relevant

  In this Blog post I explore and relate my experiences of why Integrated Business Planning (IBP) frequently fails to deliver the promised outcomes, becomes non-sustainable and disappears from the agenda. To me the secret is; IBP – keeping it relevant On a number of occasions, I’ve heard; “we tried IBP (or S&OP) and after […]

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Supply Chain In The New Normal

Watch the news, read social media or just listen in on an open conversation; we get references of moving into a ‘new normal’. So, what will it mean when we say supply chains in the new normal?  – what is this new normal? Sadly, I’m seeing a society becoming more fractured; divided on politics, divided […]

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Supply Chain Innovation – Post Covid 19

Supply Chain Innovation – post Covid 19 Attributed to Darwin; in the quote for the “survival of the fittest” – It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change. The disruption caused by Covid-19 has given business a massive headache and Supply Chain Innovation – post Covid-19 […]


Leading Change – through the rear-view mirror

Leading Change – through the rear-view mirror When it comes to most things in life the things we do are mostly repeats of our past and make judgements based on our history, pre-conceived ideas or even our own prejudices. For business leaders we need to take our people on a journey but recognising we need […]